YWL Educational videos

Here you will find our educational style videos, discussing topics from what is yoga, to yoga philosophy, why it is particularly helpful to breast cancer survivors, stress and our health, the 8 limbs of yoga and more!

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Introduction to yoga for breast cancer recovery

This video is the introduction to our program in Yoga for Breast Cancer recovery. We discuss the background behind why this program was developed and why we believe it can bring you big benefits as you progress through your breast cancer journey.

Breast cancer basics

This 25 minute long educational video discusses the different breast cancer treatments, potential side effects, and how yoga can help. We discuss briefly some of the fascinating emerging research that documents yoga’s benefits in breast cancer survivors.

8 Limbs of Yoga

This is a 30 minute long educational video describing the 8 Limbs of Yoga, as defined by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. We discuss how the 8 Limbs relate to breast cancer recovery.

Yoga asana in breast cancer survivors, and how to modify the practice

This 1 hour long video details some of the symptoms and side effects that we breast cancer survivors might encounter that affect our ability to practice certain yoga asana positions, what things we need to be cautious about, and what modifications we can use to safely and effectively develop our yoga practice. The video is a combination of educational style slide presentation and my own demonstration of some of the modifications.

Stress and the nervous system and how yoga can help

This 30 minute educational style video reviews how stress affects our bodies, some of the medical implications of chronic stress, and how yoga can help us protect ourselves and handle life’s stressors with more ease.

Pranayama, or breath practice

This 59 minute long video is a combination educational style video and tutorial on pranayama practice in cancer survivors. The first half of the video is a slide presentation explaining how pranayama works and some of the science behind it, and the second half is a demonstration of several of our favorite pranayama practices.


This 45 minute long educational style video describes meditation, various meditation practices, and 2 specific meditation programs that are used in the medical community; MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction) and MBCR (Mindfulness based cancer recovery). We review some of the published research on these programs in cancer survivors and others.

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