Why do we practice mindfulness in cancer recovery?

Ginny and I recently received the below testimonials from participants in our Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery program (formerly referred to by the program’s original name – Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery, MBCR, but we altered the name slightly because a number of people were confusing MBCR with the metastatic breast cancer abbreviation, MBC).

Ginny and I know this program is amazing and can be life-changing because we both experienced profound benefits ourselves when we learned to incorporate mindfulness into our own lives and our cancer recoveries. But hearing reviews like these quite literally had us both in tears, as we were reminded… again… of the true depth and meaning of these benefits.

THIS is what it is about. It’s not about whether you can meditate for 30 minutes a day, or whether you master tricky yoga postures. It’s about learning to LIVE our lives in mindfulness so that we can feel better, be more present, and enjoy each day we are given. So we can let go of being gripped by fear, being overwhelmed with anxiety and worry, and missing out on all of the beauty that we have in our lives – regardless of what is happening with our cancer. And as this testimonial points out, this program skillfully teaches many different techniques that anyone can incorporate into daily life.

We are beyond grateful to the original developers of Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery, and to the deep wisdom and power of the program. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to share this program with others so that they can realize all of these tremendous benefits in their own lives. And we are infinitely grateful for each individual who decides to work with us to learn these simple yet transformative practices. And of course to Vickie and Maralin, for sharing so eloquently how the program has impacted their journeys and their lives.

With deep, deep gratitude,

“I had recently been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer when I had the good fortune to be able to enroll in the Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery course with Leona and Ginny. On the first night of the class, we were asked to identify our goals for taking the class. My goal was to be able to shut my eyes at night and not envision my death bed or funeral.This program quickly allowed me to realize this goal.

By learning strategies and techniques, I was able to understand how cancer treatment often forces us into a position that is the opposite of mindfulness. It is very easy to adopt a mindset of “What if…” and “What’s next…” Life is often put on hold as we wait for the next scan, the next blood test results, the end of radiation or chemotherapy, the results of a biopsy or the recovery from surgery. This program helped me to learn the strategies I needed to live my life every day, to be in the moment and to appreciate the gifts of the present without spending energy on what might be coming in the future.

I am not a person who is ever going to be successful at meditating for 20 minutes every day or going to yoga class 3 times a week. Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery taught me ways to integrate the benefits of meditation and yoga into my life in a way that works for me. I learned about short guided meditations, walking meditations, sun salutations and simple yoga stretches- all things that can easily be incorporated into my daily activities.

Do I still worry about my future and what it will mean for me and my family when my disease progresses? Of course. But the Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery program has given me the strategies and techniques I need to live each day with purpose and gratitude.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who has been recently diagnosed, is in treatment or recovering from treatment and/or diagnosis. Leona and Ginny were literally life savers for me- they were critical to my ability to process my diagnosis and move forward positively. I know, without doubt, that others will benefit as well”.
V. Y.C.

After my cancer diagnosis I was completely lost with no direction and no idea where/what to do. This feeling did not disappear when I went into remission, instead, it amplified. So many things had changed on every level (mental, physical, emotional) that I was floundering on how to regain control.

 MBCR was a true game changer, helping me to find solid footing while at the same time finding myself. Through a series of discussions, activities and brainstorming, each week built upon the week before to open a new way to experience, appreciate and accept the post cancer me. It has helped take away the feeling of helplessness and fear of recurrence, I have gained strength in the wisdom that I am far stronger then I ever imagined and am ready to face the future, whatever it may hold.

In addition to the mental/emotional aspects of the class, the physical component (yoga/meditation) of the program was stellar. Initially I entered this part of the program with a skeptical approach as I never imagined myself doing such things. I was quite surprised to find that not only was I able to participate but actually enjoyed and looked forward to it.

MBCR is highly recommended for it’s open, accepting, gentle transformational skills. It truly saved me from the dark rabbit hole of negativity, from looking at things with doom, to a fresh approach with skills to greet each new day and face whatever the world throws my way. I hope my cancer never recurs but if it does I know I can face it with new found strength and skills taught to me by MBCR and for that I am eternally grateful“.

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