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Welcome to Yoga with Leona! We are so excited to practice with you. Please find here a large library of our videos. For a smoother experience, we have created sub-pages for the educational videos and video tutorials (see links immediately below). The main asana practice videos will stay on this page.

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We recommend watching the tutorial on modified sun salutations before starting the asana practices unless you have significant yoga experience. And if you are relatively recently out of surgery, we recommend the tutorial on Yoga Asana in Breast Cancer to see some examples of how we modify the poses while we are healing (as well as the Patience practice below).

If you are new to a yoga practice and feel a little overwhelmed by all of the material on the site, click here to find a little more detailed guide on how to begin Guide to developing your practice.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to send us an email and we’ll do our best to help. We’d also love to hear your feedback, including requests for more of any specific type of video, or other things that you think might help you along the way. We are here for you!


Asana Practices


Yoga asana practice, focusing on gratitude

This 47 minute yoga asana practice, in the Y4C methodology, is for all levels, regardless of your yoga experience.


Yoga asana practice, Patience theme (focused on chest wall/shoulder stretching)

This 59 minute video is a Y4C style practice, available to all levels. It focuses on different stretches to work on returning range of motion and flexibility to the chest wall and shoulder, after breast cancer treatment. We offer options for modifications if you are still having a lot of tightness and limitation in range of motion. Remember to listen to your body. Slow, gentle, compassionate effort will get you there. Keep practicing!

Yoga asana practice, balancing effort and ease

This 58 minute practice is in the Y4C style, available to all levels.

Asana practice, Lotus flower theme

This 60 minute asana practice, in the Y4C tradition, will continue to work on your strength and flexibility. Remember to modify as you need, for wherever you are today!


Asana practice, Svadhyaya or self-study theme

1 hour long asana practice in the Y4C tradition, focusing on svadhyaya, or self-study. This practice is for all levels, offering options for beginners or intermediate students.

Gentle yoga asana practice, breathe in deeply theme

This 42 minute video is a gentle yoga asana practice, for all levels. This practice is ideal for a day when you want to get some movement and breath practice, but you don’t feel the energy for a full standing asana practice. We will move and stretch the body, including some kneeling sun salutations, but we’ll stay on the floor for the whole practice.

Vigorous Vinyasa practice on Brahmacharya, or right use of energy

This is a 1 hour vigorous vinyasa practice that incorporates traditional sun salutations and downward facing dog for transitions. Therefore, please be sure that it is safe for you to begin putting weight into your arms before beginning this practice. Listen to your body and start slowly, meaning skipping some of the sun salutations or skipping the chaturangas as needed. Feel free to rest as much as you need. And please shoot me a message if I can help you in any way! If you like this practice, find more vigorous practices here.

Yoga asana practice, Go with the flow

This 1 hour asana practice, in the Y4C methodology, is for all levels, with options offered for different expressions of several of the postures.

Vigorous vinyasa practice, tapas or dedicated practice theme

This is a 1 hour and 11 minute vigorous vinyasa style practice, that will incorporate traditional sun salutations and some postures with weight into the arms. You will sweat! Options are given for the more challenging postures. You will learn to work into shoulderstand using the wall (avoid this posture if you have significant osteoporosis in your neck, and take legs up the wall as offered instead). If you like this practice, find more vigorous practices here.

Yoga Asana practice – Stillness within movement

This 55 minute video is a Y4C practice, accessible to all levels. We will flow through some basic yoga postures, learning to coordinate our movement with our breath, which links us to that place of inner stillness.

Gentle asana practice – patience theme

This 53 minute asana practice is a gentle practice, performed completely on the floor. We do spend some time kneeling on our knees, so be sure to have a blanket or towel to pad the knees.

Yoga asana practice for inner balance and health

This 1 hour practice, in the Y4C methodology, is for all levels. We will cultivate balance in our inner and outer bodies, as well as our minds, for optimum health.

Yoga asana practice on the success of yoga

This 1 hour and 6 minute video is an asana practice, in the Y4C tradition, but is a stitch more vigorous than some of our others, and includes stepping back to knee down positions. We work hamstring and hip flexors to prepare for natarajasana, or dancer’s pose. But we remember that asana is a practice, and success is not defined by the look of our postures, but in how our practice helps us in life: to be more patient, more peaceful, more joyful beings.

Yoga asana practice, pratyahara theme, core strengthening and bone strengthening

This 1 hour 10 minute asana practice, in the Y4C tradition, will focus on core strengthening and bone strengthening. The theme is pratyahara, or the 5th limb of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga. This practice does offer some fairly vigorous core strengthening practices, but options for more gentle alternatives are always given. Remember to always listen to your body and take breaks if you need them. BTW please disregard the sweet meows from Bronco at the beginning of the video πŸ™‚

Yoga asana practice, Twisting to let go

This 1 hour video is a Y4C practice, focused on twisting our bodies and using our breath to learn to let go of those things that aren’t good for us.

Yoga asana practice, Heart opening

This 1 hour and 6 minute practice is a Y4C style practice, accessible for all levels. We will focus on heart opening, with chest, shoulder, and upper back opening postures. As always, listen to your body and go slow if you have a lot of tightness related to your breast cancer surgery and/or radiation.

Short practice, learning not to rush

This 35 minute video is a short basic yoga practice for those days when you don’t have time for a full 1 hour yoga practice. This is a Y4C style practice, available to all levels, as long as you are able to kneel on your knees. Please remember to modify as you need to. Once you have done this practice with me on the video a few times, you can learn the simple practice yourself, and it should take no more than 25 minutes (without all of my talking LOL). Feel free to print the JPEG below as a guide. You can download the JPEG by adding the practice to your cart and checking out (no cost since you are already a member) https://yogawithleona.com/product/short-practice/

But remember NOT to rush through your practice. Give yourself all of the goodness!

Short practice, Relax, don’t grip

This 42 minute video is a Y4C style practice, available to all levels, but it is ever so slightly more vigorous than some of the other Y4C videos, with a couple of downward facing dogs and planks (option given to keep knees on the floor for plank). This video is great for when you don’t have a full hour for practice, but still want to get some movement, stretching, and strengthening in.

Empower Yourself

This one hour and 3 minute asana practice is slightly more vigorous than our standard Y4C style practices and does include some planks and downward facing dog, so be sure you can put a little weight into your arms before beginning. But if you are feeling confident in the other Y4C practices, this is your chance to bump up the strengthening a little. You can do it! If you like this practice, navigate here to find more medium strength and vigorous practices and continue to build your strength!

Flexibility short practice

This 40 minute practice is a short, but dynamic practice in the Y4C tradition. It is a medium strength practice, as it does include some kneeling sun salutations and some planks for strengthening. Remember to modify as you need to! And please make time for the longer practices when you can, as they provide a wider variety of stretches. But on the days when you just have 40 minutes, this one will get you some great movement.

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