Retreat with YWL

A yoga retreat can be an amazingly powerful time. You’ll be gifting yourself the time and opportunity to:

  • Re-connect with your body and your breath. Having cancer can make us feel really disconnected, but we can re-discover and nurture that connection.
  • Slow down, rest, and recharge, taking time just for YOU
  • Understand in-depth how yoga and mindfulness work deep within the body and mind to help you feel better and be more at ease and more resilient as you navigate challenging times
  • Learn how to modify your yoga practice for YOUR specific needs so you can safely build strength and flexibility as you are ready
  • Have some fun and let your hair down
  • Meet other cancer thrivers who really understand all of the ins and outs of the cancer landscape. You’ll support, nourish, and inspire one another in unbelievable ways.
  • Spend time in a lush tropical paradise, connecting with nature and letting her rhythm guide you
  • Explore a new place, swim in the sea, and feel the sun on your skin
  • Empower yourself to renew and re-energize your commitment to your own wellness and joy

Sound good? Let’s do it! Here are our upcoming opportunities:

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