This is a page full of all different types of great resources that I find helpful for breast cancer survivors, and wanted to share with our members. Let me know if you think of other things that should be on the list!

Yoga props are SO important in the way we practice here at Yoga with Leona, to make the postures accessible, while keeping our bodies safe. I don’t believe it makes any difference what type or brand of yoga blocks you use, but here is a link to the ones I have. You may want 2 or 4, or even 6 blocks depending on your body.

Yoga blocks

Moving Through Cancer is an initiative to assure that all people living with and beyond cancer find an appropriate exercise and/or rehabilitation resource as a part of the standard of care. They are affiliated with the larger Exercise is Medicine initiative of the American College of Sports Medicine. We are proud to be listed in the Exercise Program Directory of Moving Through Cancer!

Y4C is an organization specializing in yoga for cancer survivors. They have resources for survivors themselves, as well as for yoga teachers or medical professionals interested in yoga in cancer. I highly recommend their book and their white pages, a summary of the science behind yoga in cancer.

Live Brilliant is a Health and Wellness coaching program, founded by Ginny Stasinski, MS NBC-HWC. As she says on her page, Ginny is passionate about “helping women reclaim their joy and confidence after a cancer diagnosis”, and she does just that! If you are looking for a health coach partner to help guide you in your cancer journey, look no further. Ginny is amazing!

The Recovery Room is an educational platform run by Dr Leslie Waltke, a specialist in physical therapy for cancer patients and survivors. She provides a wide range of videos on all topics relating to cancer recovery, with accurate, clear, concise, and easy to understand explanations that will help any cancer survivor optimize their health.

DIEPC Journey is a community and an educational platform for informing breast cancer patients and survivors on all things related to breast reconstruction. Founded by Terri Coutee, an educator and 2 time breast cancer survivor, this organization provides advocacy and support for anyone considering a breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Find here links to both the website and the FB group.

Additional resources are available through, a nonprofit organization established by Terri after she opened her blog and Facebook group listed above. They include a dedicated, educational YouTube channel with interviews from board certified surgeons, healthcare professionals, and patients. Be sure to check out the video interview with me entitled, “Benefits of Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors andBreast Reconstruction Patients” The link to the DiepC Foundation channel can be found here:

There is also a DiepCJourney Podcast with additional interviews if you prefer to plug in your headphones while driving, working out or relaxing. The link to the DiepCJourney Podcast can be found here:

TCC, or the Tucson Cancer Conquerors, is a non-profit group in Tucson Arizona, dedicated to improving the well-being of cancer survivors and those that support them. TCC offers peer support, social activities, and a wide variety of wellness programs for both the cancer survivors and their supporters. Check in your own community or at your cancer center to see if you can find a group like this near you!

She Strong is a group on Facebook and Instagram of women cancer survivors who are embracing different types of fitness and exercise in their cancer recovery, and supporting and encouraging each other along the way.

The Breast Advocate App is a shared decision making app for all types of breast surgery and breast reconstruction. This amazing app helps you navigate through and understand all of your data so you can review your options and make the best decisions in your treatment planning. This app was co-created by breast cancer specialists and patient advocates, and is a must have for anybody who is newly diagnosed or trying to process this complicated situation.

The Chopra Meditation and Well-being ap is a fantastic ap, full of guided meditations and teachings on everything from stress relief to mindfulness, meditation, sleep, finding purpose, and more! There are a number of free offerings, but you can unlock many more for an annual subscription. If you are working on developing your meditation practice, this can really help.

Mindfulness is another wonderful ap, but this one is completely free! Find lots of guided meditations to help you focus, cultivate happiness, eliminate stress, and much more!

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