Lotus power again

Why do you practice yoga? 💕🧘🏽‍♀️💕 Me? How much time do you have? Lol. 😉

🪷 The biggest reason, though, is for the resilience it builds, in body and mind. For the way it trains me to be able to sit with some discomfort, in true acceptance of whatever each moment brings. And to not feel the need to run away, or disconnect, or deny the truth of the experience. To be able to truly be present, and at ease, in every moment, no matter how difficult.

🪷 Just like the lotus flower, that must grow through dark, muddy waters, gaining nourishment and strength along the way to blooming into its most beautiful expression, we too, are sure to encounter all sort of challenges, pains, and heartaches along our path. But if we can build resilience and remain calm and clear even in our darkest moments, a quiet confidence will arise, reassuring us that we are still growing, no matter how hard it may be to see it in that moment. And eventually the light will shine through, again illuminating our path. ✨

🪷 I’m forever grateful for the gift of this practice, and the way it has impacted my life. I’m going to keep practicing.

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2 thoughts on “Lotus power again”

  1. motiv8n – Adelaide, South Australia – I first came across the concept of using your brain to help you rather than hinder you when I bought a book, Financial Independence by Eddie Soloman. Unfortunately I read and re-read that book so much it fell apart. I still kept it in a plastic bag through many moves but I can no longer find it. That book helped me change my attitude from being a negative person to becoming a positive person. Later I devoured many other books from Maxwell Maltz to Dr. Wayne Dwyer. I plan to add reviews of all the books I have read and also share the great videos I find in the TedX and TedTalks range plus any others that I find. I'm good at finding this stuff so get on the notification list for when I post the latest info. Probably no more than twice a week.
    motiv8n says:

    I absolutely loved your blog post! Your views on yoga and the way it builds resilience in both the body and mind are so true. I completely agree with you that we encounter all sorts of challenges in life and building resilience can help us remain calm and clear in our darkest moments. Your mention of the lotus flower analogy is brilliant, it perfectly describes our lives. I am intrigued to know how long you have been practicing yoga and what inspired you to get into it?

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve been practicing for 12 years or so, I think. Like many, I started yoga just hoping to get some relief from chronic back pain, but quickly found so many more benefits in body AND mind. And those benefits have just continued to deepen and broaden over the years. I’m so, so grateful for all the ways this practice has impacted my life. Thank you for reading 🙏🏼

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