Join us for Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery retreat style 2024

Will you be joining us for this transformative retreat?? Do you want to come and soak up some relaxation on this tranquil beach with fellow cancer survivors who truly understand? If you are a cancer survivor (any type, any stage, in any place in treatment or recovery) and you sometimes feel stressed, overwhelmed, or fearful, this retreat is for YOU!

My good friend, colleague, and overall amazing human, Ginny Stasinski and I are co-facilitating this retreat to bring you the wisdom and teachings of the Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery program in a retreat format in this glorious tropical beach resort. This program, usually offered as a 9 week on-line program, is evidence based and has been proven to help cancer survivors feel less depressed, less anxious, and less stressed as they navigate the complex landscape of cancer treatment and survivorship. This program teaches you many different mindfulness practices, including breathing techniques, various styles of meditation, yoga (which is very gentle and accessible to all), and inquiry. These practices can help you find ease, peace, clarity, and joy, no matter what your cancer journey involves. Cancer can be so overwhelming, confusing, frightening, and exhausting, but you CAN empower yourself to feel better and thrive.

Ginny and I are deeply committed to this program because we both experienced huge benefits in our own lives when we first learned the practices, and these benefits continue to grow and impact us today. And we have now seen participants in our on-line groups experiencing similar effects. Please read HERE from a couple of our participants in their own words.

And click HERE for more details about the retreat. Don’t delay. Let us know if you want to go ahead and get registered to save your spot. We can’t wait to practice with you.

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    1. HIiii, my friend! You are too kind, thank you. I have thought of you and your lovely Jean over the years🩷. I hope you are well. Big hugs your way!

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