Join us for Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery- live on zoom!

You’ve heard me talk about how much I love this program before ( and And you may recall that I recently became a certified facilitator for MBCR. As you can read in my last blog on the topic, I was originally planning on offering this program in a hybrid format, where much of the educational material would be pre-recorded. However, I then found out that my amazing friend and colleague Ginny Stasinski had also been certified to facilitate and we got to talking. πŸ˜‰ Ginny is a former nurse turned health and wellness coach, a two time cancer thriver, an incredible athlete/marathoner, a dedicated mindfulness practioner, and a very cool human. We have so much in common, and realized that our shared experience and expertise could combine perfectly to deliver this truly transformative practice to others looking to live more mindfully in their own cancer journeys. We decided that we should team up and offer the full program in the traditional format, where all of the education and practice is delivered live in a group setting so that the participants support and learn from one another as they begin to practice mindfulness and incorporate the practices into their lives. This group format allows everyone to share their experiences, challenges, and insights on what practices worked well, what was hard or easy, how they worked around any obstacles and figured out the best practices for them.

For some brief logistics, MBCR is a 9 week course, which includes weekly zoom meetings (about 90 minutes or so in length), in which we learn a series of different mindfulness practices (including inquiry as well as meditations and very gentle yoga style movements-accessible to anyone), we practice them together, we discuss challenges and experiences, and then we recommend “homework” for you to practice on your own throughout the week.

Shoot me an email ( if you are interested in more info or you want to sign up. The cost of the program gets you all 9 zoom sessions, all of the course materials and practice recordings, as well as a FREE trial membership at Yoga with Leona in case you want to check out other yoga practices too. Check the most recent program announcement for pricing, and remember, we do offer a sliding scale for anyone who wants to participate but is not able to pay the full price. Look forward to getting mindful with you!


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